Sounds of Summer

June 23, 2016

Summer is here. That means there’s a lot more fun to be had with your dog; Playing outside, jumping in pools, going on the beach, and whatever else your four-legged friend loves to do with you. There are, however, two things that summer brings which can be tough on your dog– summer thunderstorms and 4th of July fireworks.

There are a number of signs you can look out for to tell if your dog is afraid, such as shaking, whining, hiding, pacing, urinating/defecating, and/or destroying things he normally wouldn’t bother with. If your dog is frightened by loud noises, the good news is that there are things you can do to make the experience less traumatic. The easiest thing to do is limit your dog’s exposure to anxiety-inducing experiences. Avoid events where fireworks are likely and be aware of the weather forecast; if possible try to be at home or indoors before the thunder starts.

Create a safe environment for your pet and turn on the TV or play relaxing music, such as the CD “Through a Dog’s Ear” to mask the loud noises outside. Make your dog’s bed or crate an enticing place by placing toys and treats in there. This can be his “safe zone.” Playing calmly with your dog is also a great distraction from thunderstorms and fireworks. Maybe a quiet indoor game of catch or tug of war to keep his mind stress-free. Some petting and a massage is always welcome, too.

Dogs are very sensitive to the moods of their owners, so if you tend to show signs of anxiety around loud noises, try to make yourself as calm and relaxed as possible. If you are stressed out, so is your dog!  Another thing you can consider is putting your dog in a ThunderShirt™. These wrap around your dog’s body, exerting a gentle amount of pressure to provide him with a sense of safety.  If using this option, it should be introduced to your dog ahead of time (not right before the storm or fireworks begin) so that in the future he does not see it as a predictor of a scary experience ahead.

Also available are sprays, collars, and plug ins which can be effective in reducing anxiety in your dog.  For more severe cases, please talk to your vet for other options.


Make sure you keep your pet safe this summer, but most importantly– have fun!

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