Why we’re Karen Pryor Academy educated
and why should you care

Did you know that dog training is an unregulated industry? This means anyone can call themselves a trainer, with no requirements for education or certification, and no professional oversight or standards.

We chose the Karen Pryor Academy because it is widely considered the most rigorous and science-based school for dog trainers. Also requiring that we learn how to train other species of animals as this training method applies to any living organism whether it’s a horse, a fish or a cat! The Karen Pryor Academy also holds its certified trainers accountable to the highest standards of training and client care and this is of utmost importance to us as we want the best for our clients and their pets, so we demand the best of ourselves. For us, this means the most modern education and a commitment to continuing education and professional development – KPA CTP certification requirements that are happily complied with in our mission to provide the most effective training services possible.  Fill out the Client Intake Form to get started or contact us.

How we work.

We are completely focused on preparing you and your dog for a great life together.

Reward-based dog training changes behavior quickly and painlessly, without yelling, threats, or punishment. It is grounded in the principles of behavioral science and is the training method endorsed by all reputable veterinary and behavioral organizations. With clicker training, you get a well-behaved dog who enjoys the training process – which means both results and peace of mind for you.

Our guarantee to you

While it is considered professionally unethical to guarantee training results (how can you guarantee the behavior of another living being?), we do guarantee that you will work with a highly credentialed mentor motivated to help you reach your training goals. We guarantee we’ll use only the most humane, modern, and scientifically proven reward-based training methods to reach those goals. And we guarantee training with us will be a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog.


Karen was wonderful, she was so helpful and catered to our every need.  

My sister and I did the training together with two very active puppies.  Karen is an excellent trainer and Click Treat Play worked great for my pup, I highly recommend.

- Megan D.

Karen is the consummate professional trainer and so personable with us and with our dog.  

Ozzie had issues with separation anxiety and Karen came to our home, worked with him and gave me methods to use to help speed along the process.  She also addressed other issues we have such as jumping on people and not being able to relax.

- Lynne N.