Puppies and Rona Part 4

May 5, 2020

Socialization and Coronavirus

I hope you’re all hanging in there and getting creative – here are some more suggestions for you and your puppy.

Puppy Socialization is a vaccination against future behavior problems –  up to the age of 16 weeks is a critical time for socialization and learning.

Socialization teaches your puppy to be comfortable around a variety of people, and safely introduces your puppy to novel, fun and positive experiences in preparation for his life with you as an adult dog.

Coronavirus has changed everything, including our rules for engaging with other people.

There is concern of the possibility that dogs can carry the virus on their coats and transfer it between people. 

So now what do we do?

If we meet people in our neighborhood or on the street, we are told to stay at least six feet away from them and not let our puppy interact with them.

That said, socialization and development is still important, so here are some ideas for how you can continue to socialize your puppy during the age of Coronavirus.

#4 Costumes & Appearances – this is where you can get really creative.

  • If your puppy can’t meet people who look different, then change the way you look.  Get creative and use masks, wigs, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, cloaks, and more. Have your family play along too but remember, nothing scary.  Reward puppy while you are dressed up so that she learns to love people who look different.
  • If you have crutches, a cane or a wheel chair lying about, use them to help you move around close to your puppy.  If she seems unhappy then try again tomorrow a little further away, reward her as she explores the items, let her approach at her own pace.
  • Take your puppy for short car rides. (important to help avoid car sickness).  Park at the grocery store or Home Depot, with your puppy in your lap (windows closed) to watch people go by.

Our hope is that these ideas will help get you through this challenging time, but most importantly we hope that you keep yourselves and your puppies safe.

If you have a question about any of these suggestions, then please contact us –