Puppies and Rona

April 2, 2020

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Socialization and Coronavirus

Puppy Socialization is a vaccination against future behavior problems – From birth to the age of 16 weeks is a critical time for socialization and learning.

Socialization teaches your puppy to be comfortable around a variety of people and safely introduces them to novel, fun, and positive experiences in preparation for life with you as an adult dog.

Coronavirus has changed everything, including our rules for engaging with other people. Although dogs don’t get ill from this version of the virus, there is concern over the possibility that they can carry it on their coats and transfer it between people. 

So now what do we do?
If we meet people in our neighborhood or on the street, we are told to stay at least six feet away from them and not let our puppy interact with them. That being said, socialization and development is still important, so here are some ideas for how you can continue to socialize your puppy during the age of Coronavirus.

#1 Health & Handling

  • To avoid the potential for future separation anxiety issues when things change and you won’t be around all day, encourage your puppy to spend some alone time in his crate even though you are home. Establish a schedule that you will be able to maintain.
  • Get your puppy ready for his next routine visit to the vet. Put your puppy on a table or counter. Do a ‘physical exam,’ teaching him to tolerate handling and manipulation. Practice touching various parts of his body. Spend some time grooming your puppy.
  • Feed your puppy on different surfaces, or, for fun, wrap food in a towel or hide it in an empty box.

See this video for Handling practice for vet visit

Next time we will talk about getting your puppy used to moving objects and novel toys.

Our hope is that these ideas will help get you through this challenging time, but most importantly we hope that you keep yourselves and your puppies safe.

If you have a question about any of these suggestions, then please contact us at Karen@sauteedogtrainer.com