Molly’s Diary – Week 7: Adventures in Gatlinburg

October 28, 2016

Well, it’s been a while so I think it’s time to update you all on how Molly is doing. She has completed Puppy Start Right classes where she was introduced to a variety of sights and sounds, obstacles, people, and children’s toys, all in a positive manner. The class also included being handled and preparation for visits to the vet.

Training has been going well. With all of her shots up to date, Molly enjoyed a swim in the lake with Mitch. She took to it like a Lab to water ;).

As you may have gathered from past entries and reading some of the things Molly is discovering, she is a lively puppy and eager to try anything and everything. Molly has grown so much that she is now able to jump easily onto sofas and beds. Unfortunately, this recently led to an accident while we were enjoying a family weekend stay in Gatlinburg. Molly fell off the bed and so, with her being in a lot of pain, the first thing we did was implement the R.I.C.E. technique.

(RICE is used immediately after an injury happens and for the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation can help reduce the swelling and pain and help you heal faster).

We kept Molly still with her leg elevated and wrapped with ice in a towel. A trip to the local vet and an x-ray confirmed that the leg was broken. Molly was fitted with a splint and soft padded bandage. Her joints and growth plates were not affected so we are told the prognosis is good. Poor Molly!

After returning to the cabin we were staying at and trying to settle her, her paw just kept on swelling. Luckily we had asked the vet for a list of local emergency clinics just in case. We called ahead and took Molly to be examined. It was decided that the bandage should be removed and reapplied a little looser.

On our return home from Gatlinburg, we checked in with our regular vet, Dr. Rob Sanfilippo, who gave us care instructions and adjusted Molly’s pain meds a little to make her more comfortable. We will follow up with him again in a week for another x-ray and bandage change.

During her 4 visits to the vet, Molly appeared to be totally stress-free. Everybody was greeted with a wagging tail and a kiss from Molly. I honestly believe that her positive experiences during Puppy Start Right classes were a factor in this along with the fact that Molly has such confidence.

Some things Molly is discovering:

  • The bond we have with Molly is built on trust – she knows we will take care of her.
  • That not being able to jump on Mitch right now is frustrating.
  • She loves attention and is getting plenty of it.

Some things we are discovering:

  • It’s good to be prepared and have a plan for just in case.
  • When you have a puppy, or a Labrador, or a Labrador puppy, then it’s a good idea to have a pet insurance policy.
  • Molly is fast – on 3 legs as well as 4.

Obviously Molly’s training schedule needs to be adjusted during the next few weeks and we will concentrate on mental stimulation and mind games to keep her occupied while she is resting her leg.

Keep looking out for her next diary entry and in the meantime, if you want to check on how she is doing, please don’t hesitate to ask.