Molly’s Diary – Week 4

September 10, 2016

Wow, Molly is getting so big and her legs are so long! This week she went back to see Dr. Rob for her check-up and shots. She weighed in at 16.3 lbs. Of course she loved the attention she got from Dr. Rob and was so excited to be there that I don’t think she even noticed that she’d had her shots; that is until later that evening when she seemed a bit tender in her shoulder. She slept it off and woke up the next morning with all the more energy after her restful night.

We have been doing well with training; Molly knows sit, down, she will come when called, and is practicing leave it. I am also working with her to teach her to get on and off an obstacle on cue. This will help later when she is tall enough to get onto the furniture.

While Molly is enthusiastic about rushing to her crate ready to eat when she sees I’m preparing her food, we decided that it’s time to introduce food dispensing toys.  We put her morning kibble into the ball and rolled it a little so that she could see the pieces drop out.  Molly loved working for her food, pushing the ball all around the house. It’s mental stimulation for her and stops her gobbling down her dinner within 2 minutes.

One thing we noticed was that while there were fireworks in the distance a few nights ago, Molly got a little startled and ran indoors. We are now making it a priority to get Molly used to the sound of fireworks so that it doesn’t turn into an issue in the future.

On the funny side, Molly loves to instigate a game of chase with our 2-year-old Labrador, Mitch, and then run away to hide under the cabinet where only she can fit.  Well, this week she went running and slid under the cabinet only to find herself stuck — she couldn’t get out.  After trying to coax her I realized she just couldn’t do it. I had to reach in and flip her onto her side so that I was able to slide her out.  Hopefully she learned a lesson, but we will see.

Some things Molly is enjoying:

  • Molly went to Puppy Class at Barkfield Inn & Suites where she had great fun playing with her new puppy friend
  • Still enjoying chasing Mitch, sneaking up on him when he is least expecting it, pouncing on him and running away.
  • Exploring our back yard to see where we might need an extra hole or two.