A Big Win – How I got a large dog into the vet

March 14, 2015

I had to take Mitch to the vet this week because of all things he has acne on his chin. He is an adolescent after all!

I was a little apprehensive as this was the first time back to the vet for Mitch since he had gone to be neutered.
As he got out of the car (which is a sight in itself to see a 78.5 lb dog unfold from the front seat of a Mini Cooper), Mitch realized where he was and froze – “no way” – he had no intention of going back inside the mobile vet van ever again.

He has got too big for me to carry him, and I had no intention of trying to drag him across the parking lot. So, out came the clicker and treats, and we played a simple game of touch using “targeting” as I walked closer to the door. In a matter of a few minutes Mitch was happily bouncing up the steps into the Vet’s office. Once inside, he greeted his favorite vet Dr. Rob Sanfilippo who was able to examine him. Of course it wasn’t over. Mitch was reluctant to get on the scale, which was next to a crate with a cat inside. We then went through the same targeting procedure again, clicking and treating to get Mitch onto the scale. The result was a stress free vet visit, a proud moment for me, and Mitch left happy with his acne medication.