Molly’s Diary – Week 6

September 26, 2016

Molly has had a reasonably quiet week consisting of hanging out with Mitch and our grandchildren. She loves exploring and sniffing around in the back yard.

She has also been practicing walking nicely on her leash. For now, we are limiting it to indoors where it’s quiet. She’s been doing great so now it’s time to start practicing during times where there is a little more going on and then soon we can move outdoors to our back yard.

Molly works hard and plays hard. She is either going 90 miles per hour or asleep, not much in between. She loved puppy class again this week, exploring children’s toys and items with wheels. Going up the ramp and through the tunnel was fun, too. After some more handling exercises and then play time with her buddy, she was tired out and slept all the way home.

We are still playing sounds quietly in the background while Molly is doing fun things so that they don’t startle her when she hears them in real life (thunder, barking, drilling, fireworks, etc.).

Some things Molly is discovering:

  • That although she can jump on the sofa, if she tries to jump from one to the other, she falls flat on the ground in the middle
  • That stepping into the shower while the water is on can be a lot of fun – almost as much fun as stealing shoes from our closet
  • Playing tug with Mitch is not as much fun as hanging from his ears, but it is a close second
  • That she doesn’t have to hide underneath tables

Molly is going to be busy over the next few weeks. She will be training, playing, and once she gets her last set of shots, she will be spending time swimming in the lake with Mitch.

Keep looking out for Molly’s next diary entry and in the meantime if you want to check on how she is doing, please don’t hesitate to ask!