Molly’s Diary – Week 3

September 3, 2016

Molly is doing really well. We have had opportunities this week to use the behaviors she already knows as well as get her out and about to be exposed to new situations, people, and places.

Molly knows from our cues when it’s time to go into her crate; as I prepare her food for her she bounces to her crate ready to eat there. At night time she sees us locking up ready for bed and she runs happily to her crate for her bedtime treat before settling down to sleep. Molly is sleeping right through the night (about 8 hours).

We have gradually changed her over from the food she was eating when she came to us and she is now doing well and enjoying the large breed puppy food we have chosen for her. Some of her daily food allowance is measured into a dish and we use it for training treats during the day so as not to overfeed her.

Training is going well. We are able to ask Molly for the behaviors she has already learned as an alternative to doing things we would prefer her not to do. For example, if she is jumping up at us we can ask her for a “Sit” or “Down” instead – Molly gets rewarded and everyone is happy!

Molly got to meet lots of new people last Saturday when we took her to the Dock Diving event at Rucker’s Pet Store. She enjoyed the attention of children, adults, and other dogs. There were lots of different sights, sounds, and smells for her to become acquainted with, followed by a visit to the pet store to get some new treats.

Another trip to the lake on Sunday was also a good opportunity for Molly to meet more people. She is looking forward to when she has had all of her shots and will be able to join Mitch in the water. In the meantime, she is happy to practice by jumping in and out of the kiddie pool in our back yard.

Some things Molly is enjoying:

  • Molly loves training with the clicker; she’s keen to please and eager to learn.
  • Children’s toys – she is so inquisitive and can’t resist exploring.
  • Our small grandchildren; they move and squeak – so exciting.