Camping with your dog

February 18, 2018



The preparation – this is essential to get right so we can enjoy the trip and not become frustrated by some detail we overlooked. We are assuming that your pets are comfortable staying in the tent or RV. We have compiled this quick guide to make it easier for you, some items seem obvious others not so much.

  • Check campgrounds pet policy and rules for pets. Do they have size or number restrictions? Pack enough food and treats to last for the duration, you don’t want to be shopping for food and not find your regular dog food. Switching foods may unsettle their stomachs.
  • Pack poop bags and use them.
  • Remember to pack medication and make sure vaccinations are current.
  • Locate the nearest emergency vet to your destination, unfortunately accidents happen.
  • Packing an exercise pen or a tether so your furry friends can be outside with you when you are sipping that nice coffee in the morning or enjoying the smell and warmth of a campfire.
  • Ensure your pets collar has a tag with your cell phone number not landline. If your dog does get loose you don’t want someone calling home when you are not there.
  • Lastly, consider getting your dog groomed before traveling, that way you reduce the amount of fur and hairs you are picking up and you start off in cramped quarters with a nicer smelling pet.

Inside the Camper/RV/Tent

The campsite is a new environment for your pet, they may be overly excited, a little nervous or take all the new smells, sounds, and other dogs in their stride.

  • If you need to leave your pet inside for short periods, then consider an app that shows indoor temperature on your phone. Preferably, don’t leave your pet alone.
  • A familiar blanket or chew toy will help you pet relax in the tent tor RV.
  • If they bark, then manage the situation. You do not want to be that family. Consider reducing line of sight so your pet does not see the trigger which could be other dogs walking past or the squirrel playing outside. If it is sounds that cause the barking then there are Dog calming music albums available on popular streaming services.

A tired dog is a happy dog so don’t forget to use the opportunity of being outdoors to give your pet plenty of exercise.

Outside at your campsite

  • Have a line on a tether so your pet can be outside with you, short enough so they cannot leave your area, long enough so they can get to water.
  • Never leave your pet tethered outside alone. You don’t know what animals are close by that annoy or could harm your dog.
  • If your dog barks at passers by, form a barrier with an exercise pen and cover with a blanket or towel to block what they see.
  • Frozen peanut butter in a Kong toy will give your dog something much more interesting to do than be bothered about who is walking by.

Out and about the campsite.

  • Firstly, keep your pet on a short leash for walks on the campsite. There are lots of interesting smells and checking pee-mail on a tree or post is one of the most interesting things for your pet. A short leash helps you stay in control and it is OK for you to tell them to go sniff on your terms.
  • Follow your campground rules, they are there for the benefit of everyone. We like to be responsible owners so we can continue to camp with our dogs.
  • Some basic obedience training is invaluable for the campground. I’m sure you would like to be remembered as the family with the good dogs not the nuisance dog.
  • Even the best trained dog can play up in a new environment so you are not alone if your normally awesome dog has lost the plot. Some tips for walking your dog are:
    • Use a short leash not a retractable.
    • Do not walk in straight line towards other dogs
    • Create distance when passing other dogs.
    • Use an obstacle to stand behind, tree, shrub bush, parked vehicle while the other dog passes.

We enjoy camping with our pets and encourage you to do the same. Let us know if you need help selecting the right pet product or for tips with campground manners training. We have answers for in the camper/tent, at your campsite and out and about that we don’t have space to cover here.


Enjoying the agility park at                                                 This tired pup will sleep later.

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