Campground For Dogs

October 11, 2017

Many of us have been camping with our dogs and had the problem of managing them, keeping them
occupied, or cleaning them up. It can easily become too much work and not worth the effort, unless you visit 4Paws Kingdom. This park is designed for dog owners and their dogs. It has full hook up spaces for RVs and some plots include fenced in yard space. There are also a few cabins and RVs to rent and even a tiny house. Unfortunately, the park cannot allow children due to insurance reasons of being open to dogs. 4Paws Kingdom is located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, close to Chimney Rock. We visited over Labor Day weekend and our plan was to park up and explore all weekend. We found there was enough for our dogs to do on-site that we changed our plan in favor of a more relaxing one. We visited Chimney Rock and also a local winery. Our dogs explored all the designated play spaces every day; the private dog park, the large breed dog park (there is a small breed park, too), and a walk to the pond. The agility park gave them enough to do to tire them out.

Human activities included a first night meet and greet, a dinner in the pavilion, pot luck, and a breakfast before leaving. Connie and Sandy and their team do everything possible for you and your dogs to ensure you enjoy your stay. We enjoyed meeting other guests and making new friends. Unlike other campgrounds we have stayed at, our hosts Connie and Sandy interacted with guests all weekend. The facilities were well looked after, our dogs were exercised on-site, and there was a nice place to bathe them. We are heading back soon for another visit. In fact, Click Treat Play will be hosting a training session at 4Paws Kingdom over Veterans’ Day weekend. We will be teaching group classes on campsite manners and offering private training for your dog while you are there. We hope you can join us!

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